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Bus Accidents

Louisiana Bus Injury Lawyers With Decades of High-Value Case Experience

Any serious injury or wrongful death due to a bus accident should be carefully evaluated by an attorney with extensive litigation experience. Your legal rights and the actions required to recover damages will depend on many factors, including whether the accident involved a school bus, municipal bus or a bus operated by a commercial carrier such as Greyhound.

At Dodson & Hooks, APLC, we respond quickly and decisively to people statewide in Louisiana who need legal counsel and protection of their rights after motor vehicle wrecks. Our Baton Rouge bus accident lawyers cannot be intimidated by complex cases nor powerful, well-represented opposition such as a government entity or corporation.

Skilled Representation After Commercial, City and School Bus Crashes

We have obtained many millions in just financial compensation for injured children and adults as well as families left behind after tragic accidents. Our firm has the resources and access to qualified experts needed to effectively pursue the financial recovery you deserve after a:
  • Car-bus collision, or a serious crash involving a bus and a semi or other large commercial vehicle
  • School bus accident — whether investigation proves the bus driver, school district or someone else was negligent
  • Wreck or other serious accident on board a bus operated by a government entity such as the Capital Area Transit System (CATS) that serves Baton Rouge
  • Charter, tour or other commercial bus accident
  • Pedestrian or bicycle accident involving any type of bus
We are familiar with the many critical considerations in bus accident cases and diligent in our investigative and case-building efforts. Factors such as a bus driver’s — or another driver’s — negligence in the form of intoxication or distraction, inadequate driver training and negligent bus maintenance may be important in your case. In addition, specific statutes of limitations apply to claims against government entities, so prompt legal counsel is critical.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in a Louisiana bus accident, we encourage you to contact our respected law firm for informed counsel and legal guidance. We offer a free case evaluation and have the resources necessary to go the distance in seeking all the compensation you deserve.

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