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Representative Cases


Dixon v. Deep South Charters
An aspiring offshore boat captain hired our firm to represent him after the vessel he was training on hit a wellhead. Our client was fortunate to survive the accident because he was thrown through the vessel’s center console. His injuries included mild closed head trauma, severe facial lacerations, a badly cut and bruised knee and soft tissue injuries to his neck and back. We settled his case for a significant six-figure sum.
Ehime Maru / USS Greenville:
The Firm was the only American Law Firm retained by the family members of the deceased school children aboard the Japanese fishing vessel Ehime Maru which was tragically sunk off the coast of Hawaii when the United States Nuclear Submarine USS Greenville conducted an Emergency main Ballast Tank Blow in order to entertain 16 Distinguished guests visiting aboard the vessel. The firm was successful in assisting to arrange the search for the remains of the victims and played an integral part in negotiating the final settlement of the entire dispute between the Japanese families and the United States Government.
Woznica vs. USA & Keystone Alaska, LLC et al.:
Mr. Woznica was a Polish Seafarer employed by Alaska Tanker Company aboard the Alaska Tanker Kenai as a member of a repair-riding crew member when an engine fell causing relatively minor physical injuries while the ship was sailing in the Pacific Ocean. Post accident, Mr. Woznica developed Post Traumatic Paranoid Schizophrenia rendering him totally and permanently disabled. Suit was filed in California and after discovery and motion practice, the case was settled for a confidential amount in the six figure range.
Alila & Gonzales v. Lochness Shipping, Inc.:
Two Philippino seaman were flash burned on the face and hands while working aboard the M/V Lochness. The vessel was attached in the Mississippi River, jurisdiction and venue was established in Louisiana State Court and pre-trial, the case was settled in the six-figure range.
Prased et al. v. Volga Shipping, LLC et al.:
During a voyage from Texas City, Texas to Punta Cardon, Venezuela, two Indian seaman were killed when the M/V Volga improperly conducted toxic gas ventilation procedures on the vessel ‘s cargo holds. Owners interest settled the case with the deceased’s family members for contractual benefits and forced full releases to be executed. The family members later retained the firm and suit was brought in Louisiana State Court where the case was ultimately resolved in a confidential amount in the six figure range.
Endencia v. The Dow Chemical Company, et al.:
Mr. Endencia was struck on the head by a falling pipe while employed as a seaman aboard the M/V Alpha Gas, while the vessel was docked at the Dow Chemical plant in Iberville Parish, Louisiana. Mr. Endencia suffered severe head injuries requiring surgery and an extended hospitalization. Within 6 days of filing the petition, Mr. Endencia’s claim was completely resolved for a confidential amount in the six figure range.
Rivas et al. v. Tidewater, Inc. and Tidewater Crewing Ltd.:
Mr. Munoz, a Chilean seaman, died on June 26, 2000 as a result of a blow to the head from a blunt object while he was in the engine room of the M/V Osa. The victim’s family retained an attorney in Chile to pursue their case. In turn, the Chilean firm contacted our firm. In approximately 1 year, the claim was settled in the six figure range.
Downs v. State of Louisiana, DOTD:
Mr. Downs was employed by the Sabine River Authority, an agency of the State of Louisiana, assigned to work at the Toledo Bend Reservoir as a seaman on board a stump cutting barge. The SRA refused to allow the barge to be properly moored at a docking facility causing Mr. Downs to slip and fall down an earthen embankment severely injuring his neck and back. The State of Louisiana filed a limitation of liability action in the Middle District of Louisiana, removing Mr. Downs state court petition. The case was settled in the six figure range prior to the hearing on the plaintiff ‘s motion to dismiss the limitation action.
Swistek et al. v. Toki, Ltd., et al.:
Mr. Swistek, a Polish seaman was tragically killed while working as an O/S on board the M/V Toki while the vessel was discharging cargo in the Mississippi River. The firm represented the widow and minor children of the seaman and the case was settled for an amount in the upper six figure range within 12 months of the accident.
Ballester, et al. v. Thor Shipping, Ltd., et al. :
On March 2, 2000, while the M/V Johann Schulte was on a voyage from Amport, Belgium to Houston, Texas, 5 foreign seaman were involved in an accident during anchor securing operations when 18-20 feet high waves crashed upon the deck of the vessel. Two seaman were killed and three others sustained serious injuries, including brain damage, disfigurement and contusions. The case was settled as to all claimants in early 2003 with a total settlement in the six figure range.
Andryev v. Sealink, Inc. et al. :
Mr. Andreyev, a Ukranian seaman, was injured while servicing the vessel’s hydrophore tank when it exploded, causing serious injuries to the seaman. The case was brought in Federal Court in Puerto Rico. The defendants filed a countersuit in England, seeking an order the Mr. Andreyev arbitrate his claim against his employer in London. The case was ultimately settled in the significant six figure range.
Duzon, et al. v. Venture Transports, Inc. et al. :
On December 18, 1998, 2 Philippino seaman were returning from shore leave on the M/V Witchqueen’s bicycle, the men were struck from behind by a 18 Wheel Tractor Trailer at Port Fourchon, Louisiana. Mr. Paral was killed instantly, and Mr. Duzon was rendered permanently disabled and horrifically brain damaged. After trial on the merits and after all final appeals, the defendants were forced to pay a multi-million dollar judgment.
Boca v. SBT Star Bulk & Tankers, et al.:
Mr. Boca, a Romanian seafarer, was working aboard the M/V Thomas Selmer when he was struck about the face and head with a cable, causing him serious brain injuries. His claim was settled in 9 months for a confidential amount in the seven figure range.
Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act – 3rd Party Injury (905b)
Firm successfully litigated against a maritime company, seaman employer and seaman worker who injured a longshoreman while working on the job and who was completely free from fault. The firm obtained a million dollar judgment against the seaman and the case is pending against that seaman’s employer.


Firm is prosecuting a fraudulent house raiser who, following Hurricane Katrina, contracted to raise a multi-million dollar historical plantation, and failed to perform the work timely, or in a professional, workman like manner. Additionally, the contractor illegally left the jobsite owing the homeowner monetary advances.

Unclaimed Property

The firm is prosecuting Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy in a class action proceeding for intentionally failing to properly administer Louisiana’s Unclaimed Property Fund requiring that Louisiana citizens be paid interest on unclaimed property pursuant to Louisiana’s statutory scheme.

Women’s Rights

Firm successfully litigated a sexual harassment claim against one of the worlds largest oil and gas companies. The female plant employee was subjected to some of the worst physical touching and degrading mental abuses at the hands of multiple supervisors at the plant.
The firm was appointed as Liaison (lead) Counsel in a class action lawsuit against a Lake Charles physician for unlawfully photographing and improperly examining ob-gyn patients while he performed breast and pelvic examinations. The illegal conduct occurred over the course of multiple years. The firm, along with the valuable assistance of other class counsel and bankruptcy attorneys, was able to secure a five million dollar settlement from the doctor’s personal funds. He is currently awaiting criminal prosecution. The firm and other class counsel are prosecuting the medical malpractice case against the physician’s insurer, LAMMICO.

Medical Malpractice

Firm was successful in recovering six figure settlement for client who was misdiagnosed in the emergency room and then left untreated for days thereafter with a gangrenous appendix. Client collapsed, requiring emergency surgery and an extensive stay in ICU.

The firm successfully litigated against a physician who failed to adequately secure a colostomy, leaving our client to suffer with waste materials dumping into her abdominal cavity for days.

The firm recovered a significant portion of the medical malpractice cap for a widow and her two children following the death of their husband/father. A young man recovering from a brain injury in an inpatient rehabilitation facility suffered a fatal lack of oxygen when the medical staff ignored repeated signs that he needed restraints. Ultimately, the young man’s erratic movements dislodged his trachea tube causing him to suffocate.

Civil Rights

Client is the mother of an inmate who died at the hands of prison officials. Client’s son had begged prison officials for timely health care and because of officials’ failure to provide basic life altering medical care, Client’s son died a slow, painful death from an ear infection that ate through his skull into his brain.
Client v. Aurora Corp
Client’s minor child had his hand mutilated in one of Aurora’s unsafe paper shredders. The shredder’s paper intake opening was far too large for safe operation. Client’s child will be permanently disfigured.
Client v. A Baton Rouge Commercial Construction Company
Client is the owner of 2 multi-million dollar commercial retail buildings totaling thousands of square footage of retail sales space in the Baton Rouge metro-area. The firm prosecuted redhibition and faulty construction claims on behalf of the building owner.
Client v. (Defendants names)
Client was a work release inmate whose leg was destroyed when a load of dunnage being unloaded from a foreign cargo ship fell from a defective and improperly loaded crane strapping. The firm was able to obtain a favorable settlement well before trial.
Client v. Baton Rouge City Police
Client was violently raped, pistol whipped and urinated upon by an off-duty, uniformed police officer while the officer was utilizing the city’s police cruiser, police radio, service revolver, and badge. Prior to this rape, the officer was found guilty by internal investigation officers of the city of Baton Rouge, of violating numerous police procedures, including destroying police property, and theft of money during an arrest from the person being arrested. Following the rape of the firm’s client, this identical officer perpetrated another rape in the identical fashion. When the second rape was reported, city 911 operators and police supervisors openly laughed and joked about the situation, calling the reporting victim a mental patient.
Client v. Former Husband
The Firm is representing a Client who was fraudulently induced to enter into a multi-million dollar community property donation to her husband for a small amount of cash in order to house and feed her small children during divorce proceedings. The scheme was perpetrated by not only our client’s ex-husband, but also by their trusted family attorney. The Firm is prosecuting the ex-husband, the family attorney, and his insurer.
Clients v. International Oil Company
The Firm is prosecuting a Nigerian oil company for failing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in wages to American employees who supervised the manufacturing of floating oil exploration platforms. In addition, the Clients are seeking hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalties and attorney fees which are legally owed pursuant to Louisiana’s protective employment law statutory scheme.
Client v. Flour Corporation, Maytag Corporation, MMR Corporation, Fleetwood Corporation and each company’s multimillion dollar insurance companies
Client’s husband was killed in a Hurricane Katrina FEMA trailer explosion caused by the negligence of one or more of the companies detailed above. Propane gas was caused to leak into the trailer, and while standing near the stove, the gas exploded causing horrific burns, burns so very bad that skin left the body. In excruciating pain for weeks. Client’s husband finally died of his wounds. Client is set on ensuring this injury and death will never happen to others. Maytag installed a gas stove that was not designed for hurricane victim’s daily use. MMR failed to test the propane gas detector, a test it was contractually required to perform. Flour’s employee and procedures failed to comply with state and national propane gas standards for testing propane systems in mobile homes and travel trailers. Fleetwood manufactured the defective trailer that included the component parts that failed to warn Client’s husband of the impending explosion. Case Pending.
Freeman v. Dolet Hills
The children of a man who was crushed to death by a dragline hired this firm to sue the mining companies responsible for the horrific tragedy. We were able to establish that the policies of several companies rendered it almost certain that someone would be injured. Unfortunately, our clients’ father suffered an agonizingly slow death when his body was slowly pulled between two giant steel shoes. The case was settled for a confidential six figure amount prior to trial.
Hu v. Hua
After a week-long trial the firm obtained a six figure judgment in favor of a business owner in a contractual dispute. Our client owned and ran a successful Chinese restaurant for years. Nearing retirement age our client sold the restaurant to a younger couple with the bulk of the sale to be paid out over time. Long before the final payment was due the new owners abandoned the restaurant and attempted to avoid paying the remainder of their debt. We were able to secure a judgment in the exact amount owed, plus interest from the date suit was filed.
Huey P Long Bridge Collapse
13 Million Dollar Jury Verdict for substantial certain death of 40 year old husband and father as a result Huey P Long Bridge Collapse. Partners Kenny Hooks and Price Mounger acted as local counsel for the Dallas trial team of Juan Hernandez and Bob Lyon.

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