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Dodson & Hooks, APLC is a law firm dedicated to personal injury litigation and admiralty law. Based in Baton Rouge, our firm represents clients throughout Louisiana, the United States and across the globe.

Our firm employs a team approach which includes multiple attorneys, paralegals and support staff on each case. This team approach allows us to devote our full attention and resources to resolving your claim efficiently and effectively. You deal directly with your attorney, who is readily accessible when you have a question or concern.

Legal jargon and concepts are difficult enough to understand. If English is your second language, communication with your lawyer can be nonproductive. Our multilingual attorneys advise clients in their native language so they can better understand their rights and options. We also provide a 24-hour multilingual phone service so you can call from other time zones if necessary.

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Attorney Referral Service

in Baton Rouge

Dodson & Hooks regularly partners with other attorneys and accepts client referrals for cases involving complex personal injury or maritime litigation. We have the substantial resources and systems in place to hit the ground running on a lawsuit. Our refined processes allow us to perform the work efficiently and cost-effectively and to achieve results. We work with colleagues in Louisiana and throughout the United States who want to tap our knowledge about admiralty issues or require litigation support. We also partner with out-of-state and foreign attorneys who require Louisiana or U.S.-based counsel.

Representation From Our Maritime Attorneys

In the past, injured or unpaid sailors had little recourse to hold their employers responsible. During the last century, U.S. legislation and international treaties have granted seamen important rights to recover damages from negligent employers.

You may be entitled to compensation for:
Oilrig or oil well explosion or fire
Cargo or tanker ship accident
Failure to rescue you from distressed vessel
Lack of treatment for an illness while at sea
Ferry collision with another boat or dock
Injury while living or working on a vessel
Injury at your port of call
Accident during ship ingress or egress
Unpaid wages
Overtime pay
Seamen are certainly treated more fairly than they were 100 years ago. However, working on the water remains one of the most dangerous occupations. Employees face serious risks every time they are at sea, and an employer’s negligence compounds the chance of injuries. If you suffered a maritime injury or illness, our lawyers work to hold your employer accountable.

After you worked hard — possibly far from home for long periods of time — your employer’s failure to pay rightful wages places a heavy burden on you and your family. Our Baton Rouge maritime attorneys demand full payment of wages and overtime.

Spotlight Attorney

Richard J. Dodson

Attorney Richard J. Dodson teaches International Admiralty and Maritime Personal Injury at the Tulane Summer School Program in Greece and is the 2010-2011 president of the Louisiana Association for Justice (LAJ). The LAJ is comprised of plaintiff and...
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