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How do I know if my Case is eligible for consideration by Dodson & Hooks?

Dodson & Hooks will consider handling serious cases which arise in the areas of personal injury, maritime wage claims, toxic tort, class action, property damage, environmental damage, commercial litigation, and other serious personal injury claims.

How do I submit my Case for consideration to Dodson & Hooks?

Initially, a Case may be submitted to Dodson & Hooks by e-mail, telephone, facsimile, or letter. Please include a brief summary of your case along with your personal and contact information. We will then contact you for any additional information required to adequately evaluate your Case.

How long will it take to have my Case resolved?

At Dodson & Hooks we generally attempt to have Cases resolved within one year of filing suit. However, each Case is unique and some will require more or less time to resolve. Should the case proceed to trial on the merits, appeal times could run a year to 18 months to conclude.

What will be my personal expenses in having my Case considered or, if accepted, while my Case is pending?

The firm will consider your case at no cost. If your case is accepted, all costs of the proceeding will be advanced by Dodson & Hooks. Only in the event of recovery will you be obligated to reimburse Dodson & Hooks for the expenses associated with your litigation.

What is the Jones Act?

The Jones Act, 46 U.S.C. § 688, is a federal statute which provides a seaman with a cause of action against his employer for an injury sustained in the course and scope of his employment. Each Case will have its own particular circumstances to be evaluated to determine if the claimant has a Jones Act Claim.

How are Cases handled involving Foreign Seamen?

A Court must have jurisdiction over the parties in order to hear a Case in their Court. There a multiple forms of jurisdiction under which a claimant can secure jurisdiction over a vessel owner. Generally, the vessel owner will not be a resident of the State in which suit is filed. In that situation, jurisdiction may only be available through the attachment (seizure) of the vessel (the procedure will vary for attachment in accordance with rules of the Court). Once jurisdiction is established, the Case will proceed with service of process, filing the petition and discovery. For more information on the seizure of a vessel and pursuing the claim of a Foreign Seaman, please contact Dodson and Hooks.

What is a toxic tort?

A toxic tort is a claim based upon personal injuries resulting from exposure to chemicals and similar substances such as pesticides, lead, mercury, and even some strains of mold.

Do toxic torts happen only in the work place?

No, toxic torts can happen any time you are involuntarily exposed to chemical & toxic substances, such as asbestos, lead, and pesticides. Exposure does not only result from working directly with these products, instead, but it can also simply be the result of repeated contact with the substance, such as when children are exposed to mold and pesticide residues in their school buildings.

What are environmental property damage claims?

Property damages claims can result from releases and discharges of chemicals and similar substances into the air, surface waters, and ground waters in or near your property. Examples include contamination of drinking water due to releases from storage pits or due to corrosion of metal surfaces on your home or automobile from airborne releases of corrosive vapors and mists from a nearby industrial facility.

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Dedicated to Personal Injury Litigation and Admiralty Law

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