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Causes of Birth Injuries

When something goes seriously wrong during delivery and a child suffers a birth injury, it’s often difficult for the parents to get answers from the doctor or hospital staff. Many parents rightfully wonder if there was anything the doctor or delivery room staff could have done to prevent the injury. At the law firm of Dodson & Hooks, APLC, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, one of the things our lawyers do for our clients is help them find answers.

Call 225-756-0222 or toll-free at 800-644-0633 for a free initial consultation about the cause of your child’s birth injury. If your child’s injury was caused by the negligence of the doctor or hospital staff, you may be entitled to compensation to pay for your child’s needs now and in the future.

What Caused My Child’s Birth Injury?

The trip through the birth canal is one of the most hazardous journeys that we make during our lifetimes. Many things can go wrong before and during delivery that can cause devastating injuries. Sometimes there is nothing your medical providers could have done differently to prevent the injury. In other cases, the injury is preventable if doctors and staff follow the accepted standards of care for delivery.

Examples of preventable causes of birth injury include:
  • Oxygen deprivation due to failure to order a timely C-section or intubate the baby immediately after delivery
  • Failure to monitor the child and mother during delivery
  • Using too much force to pull a baby free of the birth canal
If your child suffered a birth injury that will heal fairly quickly, such as a broken bone, you should count yourself lucky that your child’s injury will not cause permanent harm. However, if your child suffered a serious injury, contact our lawyers for assistance. If we think that your doctor failed to follow the accepted standards of care in your case, we will first review your medical records with our on-staff physician. If the case appears to be malpractice, we will then seek an opinion from a licensed obstetrician who can testify about the applicable standards of care in court.

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