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Birth Injuries

Birth Injuries

Representing Louisiana Families Victimized by Labor and Delivery Negligence

The birth of a child represents one of the most moving and life-changing events anyone can experience. When something goes seriously wrong and your newborn suffers a birth injury, sometimes leading to limitations and special care needs that will last a lifetime, it can be essential to ask difficult questions including whether a birth injury should have been prevented by the doctor or other medical personnel involved.

Providing the care your child needs to live the fullest possible life can be financially overwhelming. Contact us to speak with a lawyer prepared to hear you out, investigate and take legal action, if viable, for recovering compensation that could make all the difference for your child and your family’s future.

Cerebral Palsy Attorneys

Our firm has an extensive track record in medical malpractice claims and a specific focus on advocacy for injured children. Our Baton Rouge birth injury attorneys have the knowledge and resources to thoroughly assess your rights and legal options if you suspect medical negligence caused your child’s:
  • Cerebral palsy or  other permanent brain injury due to oxygen deprivation, often related to delays in assessing risk, failure to order a timely C-section or failure to intubate the baby immediately after delivery
  • Erb’s palsy, a form of severe nerve damage that can deprive an infant of ability to move and control the arms — most commonly caused by failure to react properly to delivery complications
  • Other forms of brain damage and mental retardation, disfigurement or other serious consequences of medical mistakes during prenatal care, labor, and delivery or neonatal care
A valid birth injury claim or other medical malpractice lawsuit requires establishing that the applicable standard of care was violated and that the adverse outcome could likely have been prevented with proper medical attention and actions. Our strengths for the pursuit of such cases include extensive in-house medical knowledge and access to an array of quality professional resources in the medical field, a commitment to thorough upfront case evaluation and decades of high-value trial experience.

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