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Louisiana Amputation Injury Attorneys

Among the devastating outcomes short of a fatality that can result from a serious accident, the loss of a body part or sensory organ is among the most life changing. People who survive an accident but lose an arm, leg, hand or eye, for example, face personal and emotional challenges that are extremely imposing to even consider.

Adults who suffer dismemberment are often unable to continue in their occupations, and children coping with such injuries face an array of physical, emotional and developmental challenges. Across many decades of legal advocacy for injury victims and their families, lawyers at Dodson & Hooks, APLC, have handled numerous cases involving:
  • Loss of limb and other dismemberment injuries for workers in maritime accidents and other injury-causing events
  • Severance of body parts such as fingers, and other types of disfigurement or mutilation
  • Amputations necessary due to the extent of tissue damage from crush injuries
  • Eye injuries and vision loss
  • Lacerations and burn injuries that leave significant scarring

Thorough Preparation of Claims

Dismemberment injury victims’ needs often include fitting and training to use costly prosthetics — and the financial resources to replace a prosthesis due to fit, wear or the availability of advanced technology later on. Many limb loss and sensory loss patients require additional services such as emotional counseling and vocational rehabilitation.

Our Baton Rouge dismemberment accident attorneys know admiralty and maritime laws pertaining to on-the-job injuries in great depth, enabling us to document dismemberment injuries and present evidence properly to obtain maximum available compensation. When dismemberment occurs in a motor vehicle accident, on a construction site or some other setting, we are committed to seeking both financial and “noneconomic” damages that meaningfully address our client’s future life challenges.

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Dedicated to Personal Injury Litigation and Admiralty Law

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