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Forklift Accidents

Forklift Accidents

Baton Rouge Forklift Accident Lawyers

Forklifts are such common equipment on loading docks, in warehouses and other industrial locations that the dangers associated with their use are commonly underestimated. Forklift operators in all these settings are often intensely time-pressured and their forward visibility is often impaired by large loads, making operation with extreme caution critical.

At Dodson & Hooks, APLC, we put tremendous energy into our work on behalf of Longshore and harbor workers, construction workers and others injured on their jobs. Our lawyers are dedicated to proving negligence and liability for serious work accidents in order to help families recover and regain financial stability. This includes:
  • Advocacy for the shipyard and other waterfront workers protected by the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act ( LHWCA)
  • A thorough investigation of construction accidents and other on-the-job accidents to determine whether a personal injury lawsuit against someone other than the employer is justified

Determined Investigation to Establish Liability for Serious Accidents

Forklift-related injuries are relatively common and often disabling. When a forklift strikes a worker, drops a load or pins, someone, the consequences range from broken bones and life-altering crush injuries to permanent brain injury or even wrongful death. An investigation into the real causes and any safety violations associated with these accidents is extremely important, not only for the case at hand but for prevention of future accidents.

Our Baton Rouge forklift accident attorneys have many decades of experience establishing liability for catastrophic industrial accidents, both onshore and offshore aboard vessels and oil platforms. We get to know our clients personally and focus on providing the utmost in clear legal counsel and determined representation.

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If you are suffering in the aftermath of a forklift accident — your own or that of a loved one — we are prepared to assess your case and help you make the best decisions for your future. If defective equipment, a lack of operator training or other workplace negligence was a factor in the accident, we will go the distance to prove exactly that, and to pursue justice for you through a fair settlement or verdict at trial.

We limit our caseload and focus on valid, serious claims. For personal attention to your potential forklift injury case, call us at 225-756-0222.

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