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  • $5,000,000 | Burn injury resulting in tragic death.

  • $1,150,000 | Low impact traffic accident Mississippi river with spinal stimulator.

  • $900,000 | RSD of Hand, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome from falling object.

  • $725,000 | Slip on vessel with injuries to back.

  • $375,000 | Wrongful death of foreign worker on ship in Mississippi River.

  • $350,000 | Finger amputation working with motor in plant.

  • $300,000 | Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and soft tissue damage due to minor auto crash.

  • $240,000 | Injuries to child’s finger caught in paper shredder.

  • $199,000 | For thumb injury to offshore worker diagnosed with CRPS – Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.

  • $175,000 | River worker slip and fell injured knee.

Commercial Contingency Contracts

Large corporations take financial advantage of subcontractors and smaller companies they do business with daily. Why? Because they can. Larger corporations hold the purse strings and provide the funding for the small businesses who employ our clients and their families. Non-payment or slow payment of legitimate billings can bankrupt our community by shutting down the small business owners cash flow.

The last thing that a cash strapped business owner can afford is to pay hourly legal fees to collect money it doesn’t have in the first place. Often times the small businessman will be forced to accept much less than what is owed because of the financial inability to go toe-to-toe in the court room.

Our contingency fee payment plan for business disputes levels the playing field, regardless of the size of the company that has committed the wrong.

We will review your case at no cost and if we decide to accept the case, alternative billing can be discussed.

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